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"His surnames"

Baxley, Bowen (Boahn), Brooks, Edwards, Fowler, Granger, Hathaway, Hinson (Hanson, Henson), Hoyle, Honeycutt, Leath, Mabry, McAlester, McPhaid, Mills, Moore, North, Peavy, Person, Prevatte, Rackley, Rollins, Smith, Spivey, Steen, West, Wright

"Her surnames"

Amberg, Appel, Bell, Best, Brown, Buschler, Chipman, Cordier, Costner, Covey, Dales, Davis, DeVault, Elliott, Farrington, Glattfelder, Gorius, Griffin, GrosJean, Grote, Hines, Hoffman, Hoyle (Heil, Heyl), Idol (Eitel), Johnson, Leister, Lineberger, Lowe, Meier, Moore, Musten, Norcott, Oakes, Palmer, Rhyne, Sapp, Schlim, Seymour, Shetley, Shields, Smith, Stalker, Teague, Veteto (Vettito, Vittito), Wilkerson, Williard (Vieillar, Wilgar), Winkler

Photo of some Sapp/Farrington Ancestors

Bell Family

Area : Lincoln/Gaston County, NC

Earliest Known Ancestor : Thomas Bell

Family History :

Allied Families : Amberg, Best, Buschler, Costner, Dales, Glattfelder, Gorius, Griffin, Grote, Hoffman, Hoyle (Heil, Heyl), Leister, Lineberger, Lowe, Palmer, Rhyne, Shetley, Wilkerson, Winkler

Elliott Family

Area : Forsyth County, NC

Earliest Known Ancestor :

Family History :

Allied Families : Brown, Davis, Musten, Sapp

Oakes Family

Area : Guilford,Alamance County,NC --- Virginia

Earliest Known Ancestor :

Family History :

Allied Families : DeVault, Hines, Seymour, Veteto (Vittito, Vettito)

Smith Family

Area : Forsyth County, NC

Earliest Known Ancestor :

Family History :

Allied Families : Appel (Apple), Chipman, Cordier, Covey, Farrington, GrosJean, Idol (Eitel), Johnson, Meier, Moore, Norcott, Sapp, Schlim, Shields, Stalker, Teague, Williard (Vieillar, Wilgar)

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